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Company Registration in Chennai

Company Registration of Directors The directors stand in fiduciary relationship with the company registration services and they are the trustees of the company and hence they must not do anything which affects unfairly the rights of the company registration in Chennai.Where a leader of a company has rule of the assets of the company registration holds them for a specific purpose with in the meaning of section (10) of the limitation act 1963. He is not only a useful agent in the sense that he has become a trustee by reason of a director, but he is in fact a trustee because a company registration can only operate through its directors.

Company Registration Of Fiduciary As to the scope of the fiduciary nature of the relationship directors have been held to be sometimes agents of the company registration in Chennai.They are also implied to be trustees so far as the company’s property and its funds in their hands are connected. The law considered and created them as trustees of mon…

Private Limited Company Registration in Chennai

Private Limited Company Registration in Chennai We are the private limited company registration in Chennai with fastest registration company in India.The private limited company registration promoters may choose any suitable name for the expected company, subject to the restrictions under the Act section 20, companies act 1956.The emblems and manes avoidance of incorrect use act of 1950 and guiding principles in this connection by the department of company law administration. A private limited company must not be registered by a name which in the opinion of the government is undesirable companies act 1956.

A private limited company registration name which is exact with or too practically feature the private limited company name by which a company in existence has been previously registered may be deemed to be undesirable by that government section. The purpose is to prevent persons to use a name having the likelihood of deception or confusion. It is nothing new because the pr…