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Company registration prospectus under companies act 1956

Company registration prospectus of section (60) The registration of prospectus of a company under section (60) of the companies act 1956 in a registration prospectus. There is no prospectus is expressed by a company or an intended company unless the date of its publication. Where the company registration prospectus of a copy has been transferred and signed by every person whose named therein. The name contains as proposed director or director of the company of his agent recognized in writing the attachments thereto. The issue of any approval of the prospectus is recommended by section (58) from an expert of a person A prospectus issued generally in the case ofThe clause 16 of schedule (2) is to be  described in the prospectus is required a copy of every contractIn such case a contract is not reduced into writing a directive is giving complete particulars thereofWhere the persons making any report needed in the record which made the reasons giving without indicated therein.In cla…

Company service of documents on members

A document may be performed on a company or an officer sending the document to the company or the officer at the registered office of the company service by post under a certificate of by registered post or posting  or by leaving it at its registered office.
Company service of documents on members The document may be provided a company to any member either given to directly to the member. The company also sending it by him to post for his registered address. If the member has not registered their address in Chennai, the company is provided by him within India for the giving notices to him. Where a registration company sent the document by post has The service shall be deemed to be effected by addressing properly. To prepare and posting a letter that containing the document. The registration company is provided that a certificate is posting or by registered post to the documents has intimated to the member. The document of a company shall not be deemed to effected in the manner…

Registration of unlimited company as limited under the section 32

(i)Subject to the plan of this section of registration: Under the section (32) of this act a company is registered as unlimited may register as a limited company.Where a company is already registered as a limited company may register under the section (32) of this act. (ii)The section (32) shall issue the former registration of the company shall close by the registrar. If any forms with copies may distribute with the delivery of the copies to him. The original registration of the company was furnished on the moment. The registration shall effect and placed in same presence. It considers the first registration of the company under the section (32) of this act. (iii) Under the section (32) of an unlimited company as described limited company. This section shall not affect any liabilities, obligations, debts. A commitments incurred or entered into, with or, by, on behalf of, on, the company before the registration. Where those debts, obligations, liabilities and contracts may be enforced …