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Register charges created with your company assets

(1) The “Charge” means an lien or interest created on the property or assets of a company or any of its undertakings or both as security and includes a mortgage of their register charges.
Register charges created with your company assets (2) Please note that the words “lien” and “interest” have to be understood in the context of the word “security” and belong to the same genus as the word “mortgage”.
(3) Please note that registration of a “charge” is compulsory regardless. Whether the charge is created within or outside Chennai, India. The  register charges can undertakings any of its property or assets. Whether tangible or otherwise, and situated in or outside Bangalore, India.
(4)Charges on the properties or undertakings of a company have to be registered. Whether the same area for the purpose of securing debentures issued by the company or for any other purposes. Registration will be required when a charge is created on the uncalled share capital. The calls made, but not paid…

Do you wish to change registered office of your company ?

Do you wish to change registered office of your  company ? 1. Make a Board Meeting after giving notice to all the Directors of the company. Decide about the change registered [Section 173 of the 2013 Act.Comply with the requirements and procedure of issuing notice to the board as laid down in Secretarial Standard. Which is mandatory and effective in a company.
2.Beware that every officer of the company whose duty is to give notice of the Board Meeting as same. If anyone who fails to do so will be punishable with a fine of up to Rs. 1,000. This offense the regional director or any officer licensed by the Government.
3. File the notice of change with the concerned ROC in e-Form along with a registered copy. The board declaration is approving the change registered name of a company.
4. Secure that the said e-Form is filed with the ROC electronically. The copy of the board resolution is filed with the said e-Form as an attachment.
5. Assure also that the said e-Form is digitally si…

Company statutory registers and returns

(1) Every company statutory should keep and maintain the registers as : (a) Register of members showed individually for each class of enquiry and preferences shares held by each member residing in or outside Chennai. (b) Register of any other security holders. (c) Register of debenture-holders in a company. Company statutory registers and returns (2) Every register is maintained under sub-section (1) of section 88 of the companies act 2013. It is include an index of the names included therein.
(3) A company may keep in any country outside India as ” Foreign Register “. It contains the names and particulars of the members. The debenture holders, other security holders or other beneficial owners residing in Chennai.
(4) Every company should prepare a return called annual return containing various particulars as on the date of close of every financial year. The same file with the ROC.  The date of which the annual general meeting is held within 60 days.
(5) Under section 88 of th…