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Do you wish to appoint a manager in your company?

1. Convene a board meeting after giving notice! To all the company directors as per section 173 of the 2013 Act. Approve the draft agreement or the conditions and terms on which the manager is declared to be appointed in the general meeting.
2. Beware that every officer of the companyshall be a punishable with fine of Rs. 25,000. This offense is compoundable by the any officer or regional director approved by the central Government.

3. Issue notices in writing of the general meeting at least 21 days. Before the date of the conference on with the applicable informative statement.

4. Comply with the provisions of Sections 184 of the 2013 Act regarding disclosure of interest of directors etc. In case of a public limited companywhich includes a private limited company which are subsidiaries of public limited company. Under the section 184(3) of the 2013 Act read with Rule 15(2) of the Companies (Meetings of Board and its Powers). It also regard abstaining from discussion and v…