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Design Registration in Chennai

The Design measure as the component of pattern, color, shape or configuration tested in the dimensional forms.It is not to be designated with the safety of its components during the products normal uses for an industrial or handicraft products. The first design registration act was executed in India was the design and patterns protection act 1872.The design is for your detail ideas such as model or prototype, pictorial illustration can be accepted as designs. The design it must be visually appealing not for an artistic work.Once your design registration is registered you have the legal rights and no one should not interface your designs.But you must register your design under the design act 2000.

Definition of Intellectual Property The intellectual property means is the performance of your creative mind such as designs for industrial units, artistic work and creation  which are used in business. The intellectual property is the decision of a  person's mental actions.The in…

Partnership Firm Registration in Chennai

The joint venture holding company will be permitted to handle the position. A pre qualified company or joint venture corporation may during the successive incorporation company or pre-qualified company subject to the approval of the government.The joint venture connects two or other companies joining together in one business. But a partnership has two or more people to maintain a business.
The joint venture groups are mostly unincorporated association. All the members are jointly and respectively liable for performance of the construction work jointly undertaken irrespective of the internal distribution of the task. If one representative of the joint venture groups does not fulfill his decisions the others are under joint and some rights. 
The Essentials Of Joint Venture The forums are created with no more delights of a joint venture as exact with a partnership thought it is similar in nature, The rights between the proper relationships are designed by the venture that are manage…

Company Registration Consultants in Chennai

What is One Person Company The one person company is managed by a single person to run a company limited by shares, the Companies Act, 2013 under Sub- Section 62 of the Section 2 process a company which run by one person. The Section 3 divides one person company as a Private Company for the complete legal functions with only one member.The one person company registration should be specified during the term of the company, anywhere the name is joined, used or decorated. The one person company thought is advanced in Chennai, it is a very happy form of all business in India. Only a natural person who is an Indian citizen shall be eligible to the formation an OPC company. There is only one person to run as a director of the company and the maximum number of directors is fifteen.

Benefits of an One Person Company Registration The one person company afford the great ability to the qualified who are coming out of the corporate and be separate to form a company registration in Chennai.
The …

Company Registration Details Liability Of Directors

The company registration section deals with powers to prevent change in the board of directors likely to affect company registration services, improperly. The relationship between the directors and the company requires law and that the organizers to contract with the capitals and properties of the company as trustees. The respondents to claim of being directors of a company who in a transaction for the company in Chennai.
Company Registration Of Position With Directors A director and the shareholder of the company registration in Kochi  to manage the company account together with the charges and interest.The directors relation with a trustee to great in consider to
the test of their functions as directors and having secured these shares  by reason of the fact they were great producer, in the way of  performance of that office are responsible for profits which they made
out of them.

If a person is a relationship with the trustee makes a secret profit out of the relationship. The c…

Company Registration in Chennai

Company Registration And Incorporation Of a Company The company registration of the initial organizational of the association is named the number of the persons is to be noticed. The particulars complete details of each member to the letter along with information of character as may be advised. The first director of the company person is mentioned their complete details are recommended in their objects.

The directors of the company aspects in different forms are corporate forward with their permission to act as such form may be recommended. The company registration in Chennai is verified that the group has been getting incorporated by appointing any mistaken or improper instructions or description by defeat any actual fact or materials in any of the documents or statement filed for registering such companies in Chennai.

Company Registration Of Formation Aspects A person is to be formed as a private limited company registration of the section without the extension of its name of t…

Barcode Registration Procedure

What is Bar coding? The bar code is a set of parallel vertical lines like bars and spaces is learned by bar code scanners. The barcode become exclusive and global and can be identified all over the world. The Barcoding is a universal view today. It helps particular device description over using universal symbols and numbering system, itsupports
quality image and would permit up to date and detailed occupation of
product knowledge. This would product in broad ranging assets combining
lowering of supply costs, lower comprehensive number of costs and hence
decreased that costs for Indian brands, increasing performance of  company registration in Chennai business and attachment to tough condition support rules through product observance.

The Barcode Technology And The Uses Of Barcode The Barcode is like a
valuable and moderate operation to make the procedure smooth by
starting with one barcode scanner. Target on one work for the scanner
and record the savings developed. Barcode give…

One Person Company Registration in Chennai

The One Person Company (OPC) has been suggested through the Companies Act 2013. The One Person Company brings a ideal new bracket of moments for those who view leading to start their own deals with a format of formed business. The One Person Company Registration in Chennai (OPC) will give the new businessman all assets of a private limited company which really means they will have connection to the name of a independent legal entity.

One Person Company process a company that has only one member’

An one person company (OPC) has positive advantages and exceptions which are not useful to private companies. The ‘One Person Company‘ is to be specified as the term of the company registration. The (OPC)One Person Company wish to get one director and the directors of maximum 15 directors that can also be expanded by passing a main selection of any new company in Chennai.The Section 3 divides one person company registration as a Private Company for all the proper targets with onl…

Section 8 Company Registration in Chennai

Section 25 Registration The section 25 company registration is tested for the comfort of the government an company to be created as a private limited company for promoting a good article to apply to its matter and the amount to be divided by the representative of the company under the section 25.The government gives a license to the organization directly and certified as an association with limited liability after the name private limited. The section 25 has an association of a member of the company registration in Chennai under the act 1956.

The company registration  is registered under this Act as a substance of a limited company that is reduced to those specified in the section 8 Company Registration in Chennai and the company is recommended to handle their profits divided to the section of the company. The directors of the company which they act in the law of principal and control the link of the company into a contract to be enforced to another party in the company registrati…