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The Power to despense with limited in name of charitable trust or other company

Power to dispense with limited in name

Power to distribute with Limited in name of other company

(1)It is tested to the power contentment of the government that a company.

(a) is to be designed as a limited company for developing science, commerce, charity or art or any other useful substance.

(b)The plan to register of its profits. An income is improving for its substance. The payment of any gains its members to proscribe.The government may direct by license of the corporation. It makes registration as a company with obligation. In addition, without is namedLimited” or “Private Limited” in a firm.

(2)The company may thereupon be registered appropriately. On  their registration shall appreciate the entire privileges. The requirements to be subject all of his limited company is power constrained.

(3)Where it is tested to the contentment of the government.

(a) Under this act the objects of a registration company registered as a limited company. In sub-section (1) of clause (a) that are specified restricted.

(b) The company is required to register their profits by their constitution.  An income is improving for its substance. It is restricted from paying any dividend to its members in a company.
The government may license to the company by particular decision. It has to change its name or consisting of the exclusion as “Limited” or “Private Limited“. The section 23 shall register to change a name under this sub-section. It is register to change a name under section (21) for company registration.

(4)Under this section a firm may be a member of a company licensed or any association. But on the part of the firm their membership of the company or society shall cease.

(5)A license may be granted by the government under this section. On such plights and subject to such registration as may think of it. Where the above status and registrations shall be mandatory for the body to that license is granted. Where the grant is under sub-section (1) shall direct to the government. It is interested in the directive on the objects or partly. Where partly in the other or the one.

(6)It shall not be urgent for a body to that. A certificate is awarded to “Limited” or “Private Limited”. The company registration name is in any section. But its articles maintain such body. If the government by special order or in general. The duration is stipulated in the guidance of a company power . Its immune form the provisions of this act is defined.

(7)The certificate may at any time be invalidated by the government. The name”Limited” or “Private Limited” is specified by the registrar. The register of the body is granted at the end of the name. The body shall cease to enjoy the exemption granted by the section. Before a license is so abolished. in a company. The government shall give notice in writing of its plan to the body. An opportunity is heard of the cancellation in hostility.

(8)Under this section in which a body has a license. It is recognized in force. It shall not vary the arrangement of its directive with respect to the objects. But the previous confirmation of the government signified in writing.

(b)The government may revoke the license of such body. If it violates the provisions of clause(a).

(c)In giving the confirmation is referred to in clause (a). The government may differ the certificate by making. It is subject to such status and regulations. In which the government thinks of it. In addition to the status and regulations. If any to the license that was once registered to subject.

(d)Where the adjustment prospected in this arrangement. The directive of the body is under this sub-section is recognized to the objects of the body. So far as may be needed to allow it. Any of the matters mentioned in clauses (a) to (g) of sub-section (1). The arrangement of this section (17) in addition for registration. The derogation of the arrangement of that section is not in.

(9)Upon the cancellation of a certificate is appropriate under this passage. The body of the name is called ” Chamber of Commerce“. It has a term of three months from the date of cancellation. Such longer period as the government may think fit to allow its company name. The name which does not contain those words to registration.

(a)The notice to be given under the provision to sub-section (7). The body shall include a statement of the effect. The above provision of this sub-section (7).

(b)Under this sub-section shall register to a change of name in section (23). Under section (21 ) registers the change of name has a registration in Coimbatore. 

(c) The sub-section (9) of the body makes nonpayment. In acquiescing with the requirements. It shall be actionable with fine. It may extend to five hundred rupees for every day. Which the default continues.


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