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The registered office of a company in section 12

The registered office of a company

(1)A company is to form in the fifteenth day of its incorporation. Thereafter a company has a registered office. Then accepting all his transmissions with this address.

(2)The company shall enhance of its registered place with the registrar verification. The registered commission within a period of thirty days of its incorporation. In such manner the company as may be prescribed.

(3)Each Company shall

(i)Every company shall fix or paint the registration company name. The company address of their registered office. Which the company has a branches the same affixed or painted which a business is carried on their office. The locality of a language is to be affixed or painted in the characters of a company.

(ii)Every company has their name is inscribed in legible characters on its seal.

(iii)Every company gets their name, the registered office address, corporate identity number with a telephone number. If any E-mail and website address, Fax number, Letter papers and other official publications with business letters.

(iv)Every company name is printed on promissory notes, hundies, bills of exchange. Where such other documents as may be prescribed.

Where a company has changed their name during the last two years. It shall fix or paint with the name of a company. The former name has changed during the last two years is prescribed under clauses (a) and (c).

The word One Person Company (OPC) is mentioned in the brackets. Under the name of such registration company. In which its name is engraved, printed or affixed.

(4)The registered office of every change of situation shall noticed in the prescribed manner. After the date of registration of the company in Kochi. It shall be given to the registrar within fifteen days of the changes. The company who shall record the same.

(5)But the authority of a special decision passed by a company. The company of the registered office shall not changed.

(i)In the case of an existing company has external local limits of any city. It may be a town or village. Where such office is located at the beginning of this act. Where it may be placed later by virtue of a particular intention passed by the company.

(ii)In the case of any other company has external limits of any city. It may be a town or village. Where such office is first placed. Where it may be placed later by virtue of a particular intention passed by the registration company.
To delivered that no company shall modify the position of its registered office to specified. From the jurisdiction of one registrar to the jurisdiction of different registrar within the same country. Unless such modify is proved by the regional director. An application is made by the company in the prescribed manner.

(6)In subsection (5) of the recognition is specified to communicate within a period of thirty days in this section. From the date of receipt of application by the company regional director . The company shall file the approval with the registrar. The date of confirmation within sixty days who shall register the same. The certify registration within a term of thirty days from the date of filing of such verification.

(7)The certificate is referred under the subsection (6). It shall be decisive information that all the specification of this act. The act with respect to change of registered office in response of subsection (5) that have been compiled with registration. The changes shall take effect from the date of the certificate.

(8)If any default is made in submitting with the specifications of this section. Every officer and the company who is in default for registration in Kochi. It shall be liable to a fine of rupees thousand. During that continues default for every day. But not exceeding rupees one lakh.


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