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Registration of prospectus under section 60

Registration of Prospectus 

Registration of prospectus

(1)The association of a proposed company has no prospectus. The prospectus is issued for a company. Before the date of its publication. It has been delivered to the registrar for registration of prospectus.Every person has a signed copy. The name of a person has proposed director or director of the company.

(a) The prospectus required of any approval to the point of any person as an expert in section 58.

(b) Generally a prospectus issued in the case of

(i) A copy of every contract required by clause 16. The schedule 2 of clause 16 to be specified in the registration of prospectus. In the case of a contract is not reduced into writing. A directive is given full particulars thereof.

(ii)The persons form any report in part. That are needed in that schedule have made therein.

(iii)To indicate without giving the reason of the schedule therein.Such adjustments of this scheme are mentioned in clause 32 . A written statement signed by those persons. The adjustments and giving reasons are set out of persons.

(2)In subsection (1) which applies every prospectus shall to face it.

 (a)The registration of an copy has been delivered in this section. It is required to state that.

(b)This section specified any documents that are required to be endorsed. The attached copy is delivered. The statements are included in the prospectus to refer. The registration of which prospectus is specified in those documents.

(3)The section 55 and 58 provides a prospectus shall not register with the registrar. The prospectus of this section has been compiled in subsection (1)The person in writing of the consent is followed in this section.

(4)More than ninety days no prospectus shall be provided. After the date on which a copy is delivered for registration in company. If a prospectus is issued it shall be deemed to be a prospectus. A copy which has not been delivered to the registrar of this section.

(5)If the prospectus is issued without a copy. It is delivered under this section to the registrar. Without the copy is delivered having endorsed in Chennai.The prospectus of this issue is knowingly every person of a party. The fine which may not expand to five thousand rupees has to be punishable.


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