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Registration of Firms

The Company Registration Under the Act

                           Solubilis Corporate Services LLP is a Company Registration in Chennai.In the company registration purposes of assessment, firms were two types they are registered and unregistered.The company registration consultants of a firm under the Income tax Act is different from its registration under the Partnership Act 1932.A firm may be registered under the Indian partnership Act, but they may be unregistered under the Indian Partnership Act, but may be unregistered under the Income tax Act.

                     A firm may exist under an oral agreement under partnership Act, it is not entitled to registration under the Income tax law unless evidenced by an instrument of partnership.An application for  the company registration consultants can be made if the partnership is evidenced by an instrument of partnership and the individual shares are specified in that instrument. No firm can be registered unless the requirement in the instrument of the partnership specifies the individual shares of the partners in the profits of the partnership.


Company Registration Services in Chennai

                  The instrument evidencing the partnership should relate to the accounting year and it is the income of the accounting ear which is subject of charge and which is to be appropriated among the partners for the purpose of computing the tax payable each individual partner.An application for company registration of a firm is to be made to the assessing officer having jurisdiction to assets the firm at ant time before the end of the previous year relevant to the assessment year in the respect of which company registration services is sought.Such an application may be made either during the existence of the firm or after its dissolution it is not necessary that the company registration services may be in existence in the assessment year in respect of  which company registration is applied in the business names.


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