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The Role of an Audit in Company Registration

The Role of Company Registration in Chennai

                                             Solubilis Corporate Services LLP offers company registration in Chennai.An auditor has nothing to do with the wisdom or imprudence of making loans with or without insurance. It is nothing to him registration whether the business of a company is being conducted prudently and profitably .It is nothing to him whether dividends his own duty to the shareholders. His business is to confirm and state the true financial position of the company at the time of the registration, and his function is confined to that.But then comes the question how is he ascertain that position of the company registration services made by the audit of the company.

company- registration- in-chennai

The Audit of Company Registration Consultants in Chennai

                                                             We are the company registration consultants in Chennai. The company registration does not discharge his duty by doing his without taking any trouble to see that the books themselves skew the company registration in true stand in the consultants.He must take reasonable care to ascertain that they do so.Unless he does this audit would be worse than an idle of the company registration  perfect true position of the company.

 The Company Registration Audit

The company registration audit has so frame a balance sheet presented shewing that position is correct at that sense.But his first duty is to examine the books not merely for the purpose of ascertaining what they do show,bur the purpose of the company registration consultants is satisfying himself that they shew the true financial position of the company registration.


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